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The Interactive Instructor book is chock-full of practical advice that will enable gym floor instructors – new and experienced – to communicate with customers more confidently. If you are a personal trainer working one-on-one with customers, this book will reveal some must-know communication essentials that will dramatically improve the way you relate to your clients and keep them engaged, motivated and – above all – loyal to you.

Testimonials from Fitness Industry Leaders

Having the ability to connect meaningfully with your clients will allow you to positively change their lives. No matter how long you have been in the industry, by reading this enlightening book you will discover the keys to creating connections with a wide range of clients.
Nigel Champion, Executive Director
Australian Fitness Network

Kris has a wealth of experience in this area and her practical hands-on approach makes the tools and tips she presents easy to understand and apply. If you want to raise your skill-set on the gym floor to the next level, this book is for you.
David Stalker, Executive Director
UK Active

Achieving meaningful and valuable interaction between instructors and members on the gym floor has often been described as the Holy Grail of facility operations. In my view there is no better world authority than Kris Tynan to explore this area. More importantly, Kris gives practical and usable advice on how to achieve, train and monitor performance. This book is a MUST BUY for any gym manager or owner, and a MUST READ for any instructor!
Richard Beddie,
Chief Executive Exercise NZ

This book should be required reading for all fitness managers and instructors. As an industry we need to get back to basics and no one does basics better than Kris. Clearly stated principles, backed up by research and in-depth industry experience and knowledge, make it very clear what the challenges facing most instructors are, and, more importantly, how to meet them.
Mike Hill, Managing Director
Leisure-net (UK)Leisure-net Solutions (UK)

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